After graduating from Leeds University Barbara practised as a printed textile designer in England, France and America.


"Her sense of pattern and rhythm developed in this period can be see in recent work developed at Dartington Print Workshop"


Later, she worked as the head of several Art, Design and Architecture Schools in England and Scotland. She has travelled extensively in China developing Art and Design Education at undergraduate and postgraduate level. She is an emeritus professor of Art and Design.

Ten years ago she decided to concentrate on her own practice setting up a studio in Brittany France.

Having  recently  returned to the Uk she is currently living  in Totnes Devon.

She works in oil on canvas, on paper in watercolour, acrylic, graphite, charcoal, pencil: 

This is indicative of her often changing influences, always informed by daily life, fashion, street culture, the human figure is currently frequently seen in her work.

Her work is often  informed by emotional responses to and interpretations of physical surroundings, the challenges of life drawing and painting, or inspirations gained from the work of other artists currently ,Rodin, Joffe, Auerbach, Ocean.

She has exhibited in France and the UK, as well as with  Design Council travelling exhibitions in the UK.